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A Blue Wave coming or is it just dead pan humor?

Blue Wave - Flushed Down The Tolet?

Though it must be appreciated that Donald Trump is not running in the 2018 midterms, it would be naive to think these elections are not a referendum on the President and that he will not be a major factor in voter turnout. His historic election victory still has not been accepted by many on the left of the political spectrum and this unwillingness to accept reality, stoked by their pathological hatred of the President, will ensure that the most rabid Trump haters vote in the November midterms. However, does this truly represent a coming Blue Wave? The Generic polls for months tried to suggest the tide not only was turning but was turning blue, but frankly the polls were suspicious in the 2016 Presidential election, suspicious in the Brexit election and I see no reason to expect them to be any more exact or honest this time around. Also, more recent polls suggest there is no blue wave. Of course in heavily Democratic areas it may look like a wave but what about in the districts where Democrats switched to Trump. Are we really to believe that any Trump supporter in 2016 is disappointed with his performance thus far. President Trump's first 18 months would be historic in any age, but given he is fighting not only the Democrats, but also a viciously hostile Mainstream media, a virulent liberal Hollywood and most disappointingly of all, Republican swamp dwellers who campaigned for years on issues such as repealing Obamacare, but then failed to keep their promise and voted against repeal. President Trump has provided Republicans a solid platform on which to run. Tax cuts, impressive Stock Market gains, historically low black and Hispanic unemployment, millions of hourly paid workers receiving bonuses and pay raises, consumer confidence climbing, company confidence high, Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court, increased military budget as promised, money and jobs repatriated, increased investment by overseas companies, North Korea halting its nuclear program, improved treatment for the nations Veterans. The list goes on and in anyones book his first 18 months is a great achievement.

What can the Democrats offer to combat President Trump's positive resume? What do the Democrats bring except their usual identity politics and with their stormtroopers, the MSM, a 24/7 anti-Trump message. What can they run on? Pelosi's economic muddle? Nancy 'Crumbs' Pelosi lacking Marie Antoinette's cake appeal postulates that this positive economy is bad for the country whilst at the same time stealing the President's jobs and wage promises. Promises that in large part are being kept. Not only content with stealing 'More jobs and wage increases' at the same time belittles the working people of this country terming the tax cuts, hourly rate increases and bonuses as 'crumbs' and 'pathetic'. Yes, Nancy, they seem small to you, but to many they are a first step in the right direction.

Ironically, the Democratic Socialist wing of their party would prefer to see a Red Wave. The promised land of free everything for everyone is as fraudulent as it is unworkable. Yes, in this country people still have to work and for millions of Americans President Trump has brought about some help and is constantly working to help millions more, the right way. Jobs, training and letting people keep more of their hard earned money.

Indeed, as the midterms draw nearer there apprears to be less confidence on the Democrat side and if they can't pin a midterm defeat on Russian collusion they have a rolodex of possible colluders, like Mitch McConnell whose cancellation of the August recess is, they claim, solely to prevent the Democrats campaining in their seats. If they had only got off their seats and actually done something they might not have to worry about losing their easy street jobs.

It is likely that prior to the midterms there are events still to happen that will affect the results, but as of now there is no reason to suspect they will drive a wedge between President Trump and his supporters. President Trump is unique among the long line of Presidents and what a lot of people do not yet understand is that there is only one person who can drive in that wedge......President Donald Trump himself. But if he stays true to the people who believe in him then no fake news, no false collusion narrative can divide him from his supporters.

The Democrats are in an extremely difficult position in trying to bring about this blue wave. If they just attack the President personally it will back fire, if they concentrate on the Presidents economy it cannot help them and if they run on their own achievements they would be operating a very quiet campaign. Might there be a red wave? Perhaps not a wave, but possibly a consolodation that will allow the President to keep this country moving forward by returning to values that made America exceptional: hard work, ingenuity, community spirit, loyalty to the Constitution and after years of putting America down, the admission that it is not a crime to be successful.

In closing I only ask that the Democrats once off their seats, flush the blue wave and close the lid.

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