The extraordinary tactics used to target and retaliate against Lt. General Flynn

Mike Flynn

The 'public' Lt. General Mike Flynn saga it must be remembered was initiated when former FBI Director James Comey called Flynn and asked if he had a few minutes to 'chat' with a couple of agents, Joe Pientka and the since infamous Peter Strzok, the agent who can smell out a President Trump supporter at Walmart from 100 paces. Dirty cop Comey has since admitted he would not have tried the ambush interview if the White House administration was more experienced, in otherwords if he thought someone would smell a 'chat'. The Agents 302's, which are used to memorialize what was said, indicate they thought Flynn was being truthful. From Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), "Director Comey specifically told us during that briefing that the FBI agents who interviewed Lt. General Michael Flynn saw nothing that led them to believe he was lying". Grassley elaborated on this point, "Contrary to his public statements during his current book tour denying any memory of those comments, then-Director Comey led us to believe during that briefing that the agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe he intentionally lied about his conversation with the Ambassador and that the Justice Department was unlikely to prosecute him for false statements made in that interview." Read more at

Lt. General Mike Flynn's recent change of legal counsel gave clear indication that he was adopting a new strategy, better known by the old adage, "The best form of defense is attack". His new lead attorney, Sidney Powell is no stranger to the lawyers of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 'investigative' team, particularly Andrew Weissmann, whom she calls 'the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct'. Mr. Weissmann is a thoroughly unscrupulous lawyer who never allows lack of evidence to get in the way of a prosecution. Weissmann and Mueller go back a long way and each time they work together someone has gotten screwed over. As has been remarked upon, Weissmann is a rare breed in that he achieved unanimity in Washington D.C. when his case against Andersen and Merrill Lynch suffered a humiliating reversal in 2005 when the Supreme Court, in a 9-0 ruling, overturned the Andersen conviction. A year later, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals erased all the fraud convictions against four Merrill Lynch managers. Read more at The Washington Times

Flynn's laywers say there was no intentional filing of false information in the Flynn Group FARA submissions and the FARA forms were submitted based on legal advice provided for their completion. If there were mistakes in the FARA filing, they were not falsehoods and/or mistakes made purposefully or with purposeful intent. As we said on this site last year, hindsight is as worthless as it is wonderful and Mike Flynn must now wish he had taken legal counsel in his first interviews with the FBI. Also, the $170,000 which he paid for legal advice on his FARA Filing was not money well spent and as reported at The Conservative Treehouse "It is worth noting here that Flynn lawyers call out former DOJ-NSD Official David Laufman for pressuring Flynn to sign the FARA submission; a FARA submission the DOJ would later claim contained false information. Laufman, representing the DOJ, knowingly pressured Flynn to sign a FARA submission while withholding evidence the DOJ would later use to prove the FARA submission contained materially false information. That’s how it looks. The same David Laufman who sat in on the Clinton email interview. The same David Laufman who was FBI official Monica McLean’s lawyer when things got sketchy about her work with “beach friend” Christine Blasey-Ford. It appears that the FARA filing composed for Flynn was written in language as unclear as possible, making it easy to trip up Flynn. Read more at the Conservative Treehouse

Flynn, has cooperated fully throughout this investigation, but will not give testimony he knows to be untrue. From Ms. Powell, “The prosecutors have been adamant that Mr. Flynn testify that he authorized the filing of the FARA form knowing and intending that it contained false statements. Mr. Flynn cannot give that testimony because it is not true”. This has caused the prosecution no small discomfit and though they have on more than one occasion, including in open Court, stated Flynn is NOT a co-conspirator, turned 180 degrees and applied to have him judged so. Presiding over the case, Judge Anthony Trenga rejected this application, stating, “The United States at this point has not presented or proffered evidence sufficient to establish by a preponderance of the evidence a conspiracy for the purposes of admitting against the Defendant the hearsay statements of alleged co-conspirators pursuant to Fed. R. Evid. 801(d)(2)(E)

The different approach taken in FARA cases concerning General Flynn, Paul Manafort and Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, the Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Manager clearly illustrates the inherent bias in Robert Mueller's fake Russia Collusion investigation. His referral of Podesta to the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York was a thinly disguised attempt to show that his investigation was being conducted with equal and fair application of the law, but in reality no action against Podesta was expected. And indeed no action ensued. It is clear that the Flynn prosecution was conceived in the White House. Obama's deep dislike of Flynn is no secret, due to Flynn's opposition to Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal and it will not shock many if evidence emerges that shows General Flynn was spied upon and targeted as far back as 2015. General Flynn and his family have been attacked by Obama who has politicized the agencies that are reputedly there to protect and serve us. The Obama administration is the most Anti-American White House administration in history and was far from 'scandal free'. His administration weaponized the IRS, FBI, State Department and DOJ knowing their partners, the compliant mainstream media, would ensure any malpractice never saw the light of day. It is only 'scandal free' because it was not reported. However, the crimes still took place.

We asked in 2018 if the case against Flynn might collapse, but since then the prosecution have drawn this out by repeatedly changing tack, adjusting their sails to each prevailing wind. It remains to be seen how this ends for General Flynn, but this is the greatest battle he has yet had to fight. There is a link on our home page to the Mike Flynn Defense Fund, should anyone wish to help defend a Patriot who spent 33 years defending us.


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