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Robert Mueller to testify publicly before House Committees on July 17th.

Robert Mueller

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will appear before Congressional Committees on July 17th. Although this appears to be a great opportunity for members such as Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and Doug Collins to ask questions that might cause not a little uneasiness, the fact that it is a public tetsimony will provide ample opportunity for Mr. Mueller to take advice from his Counsel and decline to answer many of their questions, citing the usual suspects, 'Classified information' and 'Sources and Methods', although this strategy will be somewhat obviated if reports are correct that Mueller's legal team have stated that he will answer questions related only to the report. Therefore the obvious questions about the Investigation itself, such as 'When did you know there was no Collusion?'; 'Was the decision to hire Mrs. Clinton's friend Andrew Weissmann forced upon you?'; 'Why did you employ such an unbalanced staff, nine of whom donated to the Democrats or Hillary Clinton?';

This testimony offers nothing more than yet another Democrat Party charade to draw out further the farce that has been set upon the American people. This is not an attempt to delve deeper into Mueller's investigation. It is merely the latest subterfuge aimed at deflecting from the real crimes that have occurred, the weaponization of government against political opponents by the Obama administration, including Lt. General Mike Flynn, against whom Obama felt deep animus because of Flynn's oppostion to the Iran Nuclear deal.

The fact that House Democrats are calling Mueller to testify strongly suggests they have agreed in advance with his counsel that he will not be, in effect, investigated.

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