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US Women’s Soccer: Low Class Megan Rapinoe kneels during anthem and says it is her 'F*ck You' protest.

A disgrace to your country and a disgrace to the U.S. Women's jersey. Megan Rapinoe, fortunate enough to live a comfortable life in the greatest country in the world, suddenly decides this country that allowed her to attend college then Rapinoe Sings Anthem play a game for a living is really a terrible place that persecutes....let me think, who exactly? What has changed since you proudly sang the anthem with hand on heart only a few years ago? Are there any laws just passed the Democratic Congress that have restricted or eliminated what you could do just a few years ago? Are you expecting to return to the United States and be dragged off to an internment camp?

Ms. Rapinoe's sudden conversion on her road to Damascus is just another sad and predictable action of a liberal hypocrite. They want the opportuntities, the freedoms and most importantly the wealth that is possible in this country, but for some perverted reason want the rest of us to feel guilty about their success. Frankly, it seems you are doing rather well and certainly are no worse off than you were in 2012. If you disagree tell us what has changed recently, although the reason is known and clearly evident. The occupant of the White House has changed. It is that simple.

Ms. Rapinoe, you prove yourself of little grace and less intelligence with a protest that imitates other hypocrites who sacrificed nothing and accrued as much as possible. Perhaps if you dislike your country so much then you should not travel abroad to 'represent' it, though thankfully you do not represent the majority of this country.

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