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A U.S. President, a North Korean leader and an Extraordinary Invitation.

Trump and Kim meet in North Korea

President Trump has oft been ridiculed for his use of the social media platform Twitter, but there is no one who has used it to greater effect. This weekend in Japan, President Trump stunned the world by his onorthodox online dating, inviting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to meet him in the DMZ that has long divided the Korean Peninsula. A Sky News reporter said it best; "A U.S. President, a North Korean leader and an Extraordinary Invitation". It was an extraordinary invite, but we all know that this President does not do ordinary. Like all dates, there is the fear of being stood up and the President, in good humor, thanked Leader Kim for not leaving him standing at the altar, thus sparing the President the inevitable ridicule by a U.S. Press eager to see him fail at everything.

The images of Trumps historic steps upon North Korean ground were literally echoed in the United States by the predictable Liberal Democrat chorus of derision and negativity. It is disingenuous that after eight years of the Obama administrations rapprochement with beligerent States, including North Korea and Iran, the Democrats suddenly find the North Korean leader someone with whom there should be no parley.

President Trump has proved he is willing to employ unorthodox methods if it can lead to a safer world and though some may be offended by the sometimes over friendly manner he adopts with Kim Jong-un it must be understood that if we are to see real and lasting peace for the Korean Peninsula and their neighbors, the nuclear threat by North Korea cannot go unchecked. Obama's 2012 Food for One-Site Decommission is not a policy that can be repeated. It's failures were predicted at the time and fail it did and as such leaves available only two options. President Trump has publicly decried use of the first option, regime change. Under Bush 43 in Iraq and Hillary Clinton's flippant "We came, we saw, we killed" Libyan debacle, the consequences were disastrous for both countries and their regions generally. In stark contrast to Secretary Clinton's 'Zero Footprint', the President's historic footsteps on North Korean ground can be the first steps of a march to freedom and he should be commended and supported in his efforts to persuade Leader Kim that North Korea can have a safe, peaceful and prosperous nuclear free future. One time adversaries are willing to help his people escape the external forces that do not wish to see North Korea emerge from the shadows of an ideological war. President Trump's attiude is not "What difference at this point does it make?", but "At this point we can make a difference".


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