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UK: Nigel Farage's Brexit Party tops UK Parliamentary poll.

Brexit Party Tops UK Parliamentary Poll

An Opinium poll indicates that Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, after only eight weeks in existence, has topped a United Kingdom Parliamentary Poll, with 26% of respondents saying if there were a General Election tomorrow the Brexit Party would get their vote. The Labour Party polled second with the slumping Conservative Party trailing in 4th. As said on the Fragile Republic on May 7th, the Brexit Party movement is not merely a protest vote. The shameful attempt to completely disregard the original Brexit referendum misjudges the will of the British people who are well aware of the long term repercussions should such a betrayal succeed.

Next Thursday's by-election in Peterborough in which the Brexit Party is expected to win can only serve to increase the momentum that the Brexit Party has and must instill greater fear into the two main parties. Once the Conservative Party elect Theresa Mays successor they must surely be forced to take a 'definite' position regarding the October 31st deadline. They must understand that Deal or No Deal is more than just a game for television.


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