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A Badge of Honor?

FBI Badge

Naive or romantic? Optimistic or deluded? Can we expect the worlds most famous and admired investigative body to forever remain above party politics, stand impervious to cultural change and untouched by corruption?

The FBI have long been the worlds foremost investigative body, perhaps surrounded by a little mystique, envied by many and a source of pride for the American people, who sleep more soundly in the subliminal knowledge that they are there. Will Americans repose quite so serenely as they watch the agency's reputation dragged around the nations capital?

The narrative from the Democratic side, via their publicity organ, the mainstream media, is that President Trump, by criticizing the agency, is undermining their credibility and thus their ability to operate effectively. This is an obvious blind, a ruse to deflect from the truth in an attempt to provide a smokescreeen around the real culprits, their beloved Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The threads that bind these two with Comey, Lynch, McCabe and their willing accomplices has been well detailed, especially by Sean Hannity and his frequent contributors, particularly Sara A Carter and John Solomon. In may be argued that in the past the FBI has been politicized, most notably by J Edgar Hoover, though it might also be argued that Hoover personalized it rather than politicized it. However, it cannot be disputed that the IRS, FBI and the DOJ have been politicized for the benefit of the Democratic party with Obama and Clinton not only complicit, but the driving force behind this usurpation which has led to a situation that former FBI agents call disgraceful and shameful.

We are not alone in appreciating that the 'rank and file' FBI agents are not to be included in this web of deceit and corruption, though it is still a little troublesome that no-one, outwith the '7th floor' spoke out against the collusion between the Clinton campaign and the upper echelons of the agency.

What can we expect from the FBI going forward? The bureau must be cleansed of the political hacks. More promotion from within and less political appointments would surely be of great benefit in trying to keep the bureau fair, balanced and honest. Agents, even if they have affiliations to a particular party must treat every case honestly, without regard to the persons involved. It is their duty to do 'what is right'.

It may be crazy to some that whilst we earnestly entreat every agent to carry their badge as an honor we also point them to a fictional western US Marshal, but one episode, The Quest for Asa Janin, we feels sums up how we look to the FBI. The marshal had to turn over someone convicted of murder even though he felt strongly that this person, whom he knew and liked, did not commit the murder. After he had carried out this distasteful duty he never gave up, tracking down the real killer. Alas, although he had sent a telegram and managed to get the real murderer to the prison, he learned that his friend, prior to the telegram reaching the authorities, was killed trying to escape. The program ends with the words that his friend had said to him as he turned him over.

Naive? Delusional? Perhaps. But the ending is all we really hope for, 'Wearing that badge aint the easiest, but it's the right man wearing it'.

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