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Mike Flynn - Fighting His Greatest Battle!

Mike Flynn

In 2014 United States Army Lieutenant General Mike Flynn retired after 33 years of service to his country. After a brief tenure as National Security Advisor to Donald Trump during the presidential transitional period, Mike Flynn found himself a target in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

What was sold to the public as an investigation into possible Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 Presidential Election was from the outset, though few would admit, a Deep State plan to prevent the President-elect from assuming office and if unable to achieve this, then render his administration untenable. Mike Flynn as part of the President-elect's Security team did have contact with Russian officials and this would be expected and not unusual. Neither would it be out of the ordinary that Mike Flynn's long service would by necessity result in many contacts whose importance would be relative to his rank. In a long and distinguished career it is entirely understandable that the lines between personal and official relationships might become less clear, but this would be a problem only if it influenced policy. What may not have been clear is why Mike Flynn was targeted in a Russian election interference probe. President Obama was taking personal revenge for Lt. General Flynn's criticism of his foreign 'policy', patricularly with Iran, which Flynn considered no more than appeasement. Lt. General Flynn's targeting is just another example of the Obama administrations politicization of Federal agencies. The FBI had no need to press Flynn about his transitional contact with Russians, such as Ambassador Kislyak, as these calls had a covert audience of FBI agents, of which Flynn must have been aware. There were no quid pro quo arrangements, no self enriching deals being struck, thus leaving Meuller dependent on two ways to secure an indictment; either the 1799 Logan Act, a piece of legislation as relevant in the nations capital as one of Mary McGrory's "gentlemanly Georgian's" is common, or the ever reliable process crime.


Hindsight is as worthless as it is wonderful, but Mike Flynn, without legal counsel, should not have agreed to talk with Andrew Weissmann, who along with Meuller has a well documented history of prosecutorial malfeasance, with little regard as to how to achieve their ends. Read Sara A Carters piece on Weissmann's trials. As Sean Hannity on Fox News has pointed out more than once, "there are not many people who have had a conviction overturned by the Supreme Court nine to zero", but Mr Weissmann has proven that on the rarest of occasions in D.C. unanimity is still possible.

Mike Flynn's case is a microcosm of the Deep State and it is deeply disturbing to watch the agencies, that ostensibly are there to protect us, work in concert with the mainstream media to ruin individuals who dare not to agree with their radical agenda. The use of 'anonymous' sources would make the 4-Chan and 8-Chan dark web message boards proud and the use of leaks emanating from the DOJ and the FBI whilst muzzling General Flynn, effectively making it impossible for him to defend himself, is a disgusting and thoroughly reprehensible tactic employed by Mr. Meuller, supposedly a paragon of honor and righteousness.

Incredulous though it might seem that someone plead guilty to a process crime they did not intentionally commit, especially in light of contradictory reports claiming Flynn lied and FBI statements indicating they did not think he did lie, it must be remembered that the finances required to fight a legal battle are not insignificant, particularly against a government investigation which has unlimited tax payer dollars at its disposal. The result can be crippling and unfortunately this in itself is a tactic used to obtain a result that might otherwise not be assured. What is shameful is that a man who has given 33 years of service in the Armed Forces, a Patriot in uniform and someone devoted to his country is targeted as part of a campaign to derail a duly elected President while Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are still collecting wages paid for by the tax payer. There can be no doubt that had Clinton won the election and become the 45th President of the United States, Russian collusion would have been D.O.A., Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort would not have been targeted. Carter Page, Christopher Steele, Alex van der Zwaan and George Papadopoulos already consigned to obscurity. The only thing that would not have changed is that the real perpetrators of Russian collusion, namely Hillary Clinton and her campaign would remain untouched by justice.

Might the case against Flynn collapse? Is there even a case? How far does it go back and does General Flynn have intelligence that is a threat to the Deep State? It remains to be seen how this ends for General Flynn but this is the greatest battle General Flynn has yet had to fight, where his honor, family and finances are under threat.

What Mueller has done to General Flynn and his family is disgraceful and hopefully never forgotten. Of course we earnestly hope that General Flynn emerges from this fully vindicated with honor and finances restored. Let us not abandon a patriot to the Democratic witch hunt. General Flynn has defended us.......it is time to help defend him.


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