President Trump’s visit to the U.K. was brief but can only be considered a personal triumph. The President was his usual upbeat and positive self and clear in his view that Brexit would be a positive step for Britain and he sees great Trade Deals between the U.S. and post Brexit Britain. Prime Minister May was no less gracious and displayed great dignity and equanimity in what must be a very painful time for her.

However, we must focus on the positive and President Trump is confident that mutually beneficial trade deals can quickly be signed after Britain leaves Europe and this is exactly how it should be. The bonds between the United States and United Kingdom are still strong and President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump both served to show the United States in a very positive light.

While I do not question the intelligence that Q has provided us, it seems strange that the gaps between posts are of a much greater length. Why in this critical hour would Q leave the Anons without their daily breadcrumbs? Although Q has said we have it all, that is clearly not true and we cannot be expected to have it all. Perhaps if people had nothing else to do in life but decrypt the Presidents tweets, or run them all through Gematria calculators tying them to previous Q posts, or listen to the President’s speeches over and over to glean the coded messages, then we might have ‘more than we know’. However, that is unrealistic and result in many different conclusions causing not a little confusion.

These gaps are another indication that Q is genuine because it would be an extraordinary Larp who would just drop such a great swindle whilst having a growing army of Anon followers and researchers waiting with baited breath for the next crumb to fall. However, whomever Q is or are it is time to either close the doors permanently or open them up for business again and keep them open until this great President’s work is complete.


The latest European Election polls in the UK indicate that the Brexit Party, formed only this year by Nigel Farage, has jumped into the lead. British Prime Minister Theresa May may have most to lose as polling also shows 3 out of 5 Conservative voters plan to switch to the Brexit Party and in the short life of the Brexit Party, its membership has already risen to 85,000, two thirds of what the Conservative Party has in its ranks. Regardless of how the Brexit Party fares in the European Union election it is certain to be seen as a referendum on Europe and perhaps moreso of Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit negotiations, or as many see it, mishandling. Are the Tory establishment willing to take one for the remain team, confident that the ship can be righted in future British elections?


The importance of the 2018 U.S. midterm elections cannot be overstated and President Trump’s frenetic rallying proves he understands more than anyone that his historic 2016 victory would be carved hollow if the Democrats are allowed to disrupt and block his Make America Great Again policies. They are quite simply the most important midterms in U.S. election history and the outcome will determine whether the country continues its forward progress or finds itself dragged back into the swamp, the latter being assured if the Democrats regain the House. The Democrats have no credible policy proposals on the issues that are most important to the majority of Americans, health care, the economy, border security, international terrorism, nuclear proliferation, energy independence and the war against drugs. Indeed, should the Democrats retake the House their plan for government consists of only two objectives. One, impeach the President and two, obstruct to the point of gridlock. It is ironic that the so called Progressives threaten the exact opposite and they represent progress like Democratic Peoples Republics represent democracy or people.

Early voting suggests that the voters appreciate just how critical these elections are and the numbers may very well exceed all previous midterms and in some areas might even exceed some Presidential vote totals. What is clear is that this increase in midterm voting is not due solely to a Blue Wave, which is a fabrication to sway voters just like the false polls in the 2016 Presidential Election and Brexit vote.

History tells us that the party that wins the White House experiences the midterm blues but it would be understandable if President Trump was frustrated that some races are even close given the results of his first two years in office. Why would Florida risk their vibrant economy by electing as Governor an avowed Liberal who mismanaged Tallahassee and promises to raise corporate taxes and stifle record business optimism? How can Arizona even contemplate a Democratic candidate who ridicules the State she wants to ‘represent’? Texas, Indiana, Missouri, West Virginia, Tennessee and Montana are States which voted for Trump and frankly after delivering on his campaign promises these states should be giving the President a resounding vote of gratitude and approval.

There is no reason why any Trump supporter should not be voting on or before November 6th and complacency is not a valid excuse. We are reasonably confident that the aforementioned states will return Republican representatives to Washington and that they will fully support the President that has supported them. A Blue Wave has always been a Democratic media falsehood. Even though some Democratic areas might see an upturn in their vote the swing states will not see a blue wave and we expect a consolidation of the Republican Senate majority and the House to be held. There certainly are circumstances that might have an effect outwith the usual midterm rules and that is the unusually large number of incumbents not seeking re-election, but it is critical every Trump supporter, every conservative, every Republican get out and vote the ticket. There is too much at stake to abandon President Trump and allow the Democrats to circle the wagons and sacrifice the good of American to their left wing ideology and hatred of our President.

It is not melodramatic hyperbole to state that the election of President Trump in 2016 prevented this magnificent Constitutional Republic from falling into the abyss into which the left wing of the Democratic machine would happily push us. This Republic has always faced threats to it’s existence but the globalists now have willing fifth columnists openly plotting to destroy not only Americas greatness but also betray her sovereignty. The fight to save the United States is far from over and indeed will have to be fought every day hereafter but at this critical juncture it is imperative that we stand with our President.

If we lose President Trump we lose this Republic.

The blatant and disgraceful attempt to take down Brett Kavanaugh and derail his Supreme Court nomination is not the simple Democratic hit job by a party whose leadership operate in a moral vacuum. Details are emerging that give evidence of Mrs Ford’s CIA connections and clear links to the Deep State.

Read more at the Fragile Republic

While Trump supporters are happy he is making America Great Again, even his most ardent follower will be surprised that, according to the Liberal left, he possesses the power of controlling the winds and the seas. According to the Washington Toast, Trump is complicit in Hurricane Florence which infers he has the power to actually prevent it. Could he succeed where King Canute failed and turn back the hurricane strength tides.

The disgusting rant by U.S. Rep. Gutierrez in which he claims Trump plays too much golf and is not prepared for Hurricane Florence is as helpful as it is factual. The same level of garbage is being spewed out by Harvard professors claiming Trumps stance on climate change will result in many deaths and we now have, not co-incidentally, every anti-Trump outlet beating the ‘Trump was responsible for 3,000 deaths during and after Hurricane Maria’ drum. The number of Hurricane Maria deaths routinely quoted are grossly inaccurate and not based on body counts but by post hurricane interviews and computer modelling. This is the Liberal left trying to link Maria and Florence at the hip to politicize a possible catastrophe before it has even occurred. With regards to Hurricane Maria, we must remember that Federal assistance to Puerto Rico was praised at the time by Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló, “The president and the administration, every time we’ve asked them to execute, they’ve executed quickly,” he told Fox News in September 2017. (Read Joel B. Pollak’s Breitbart article Fact Check: Trump is Right About Puerto Rico, Critics Manipulating Hurricane Maria Death ‘Estimates’)

No matter how much assistance is given by the emergency services, how much aid is provided by Federal and Local governmental bodies, how many warning are given the people in Hurricane Florence’s path to evacuate, the left will be hammering the President claiming the catastrophe was all due to his lack of preparedness. Perhaps these people might give us actual examples of what has not been done to prepare for a major hurricane whose path, strength and speed cannot be exactly forecast. Even better, they might contribute positively and in the aftermath provide real aid to the people who will desperately need it.

Happy Anniversary Deplorables!


John Kasich on CNN had a slip of the tongue that might just be more insightful than he could have imagined. ‘It’s like 24 hours since John McCain was put to death’. Unless this is a rare Kasich moment when he knows more than he is saying, rather than his usual saying more than he knows, we accept this must just be a double slip of the tongue as ‘put to rest‘ might explain his slip, but then ‘laid to rest‘ would be more usual. Indeed even ‘put to rest‘ implies an active hand in ending something.

It is doubtful Kasich is an avid Q Anon although I am sure he is well aware of the Q movement and not at ease with it, but Q Anons know McCain as No Name and are less surprised by his sudden death, less than 24 hours after ‘coming off‘ brain cancer treatment.

Look at the time that this Q drop was posted, 18:28 Eastern Time Zone, 16:28 AZ time and check the official time of No Name’s death. 16:28 AZ time. Also, on a weekend day.


The exchange between South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh referring to Johnson v. Eisentrager, 339 U.S. 763 (1950), both mis-naming Eisentrager as Eisentraitor is an extremely interesting line of questioning for a Supreme Court nomination hearing and must have been as unexpected by Mr. Kavanaugh as by the general observer.



Hillary Clinton trying to distance herself from the Obama presidency mounted a belated and feeble attempt to assume the mantle of ‘outsider’ and change agent but it failed miserably. Trotting Ol’ Bill out to tell us ‘He’s never known anyone to be such an agent for change as Hillary’ was as effective as it was true….not even remotely. The 2016 Presidential Election where the two candidates were detested by approximately half the country and distrusted by an even greater number was never going to be croquet on the lawn and though Obama’s name was not on the November 2016 ballot sheets there can be no doubt that added to the Trump-Clinton witches brew was Obama’s legacy. Perhaps Obama done Mrs. Clinton a disservice by nailing her colors to his mast as she no doubt would have liked it to be a straight fight between her as the agent for change and Trump. Hard for Mrs Clinton to be the agent of change when the incumbent is telling the country “Everything we have done over the past eight years will be reversed under a Trump presidency and everything will be sustained and built on under a Hillary Clinton presidency. This vote is as important as any of those other two votes.

Whereas Mrs. Clinton ran on generic and jingoistic slogans, such as, “An economy that works for everyone”, Mr. Trump ran a campaign heavy on clearly defined policies, Border Security-Immigration Reform, increasing the military budget, tax cuts and jobs!!

The accomplishments of the President’s first 20 months are well detailed and with regards to the economy a desperate Democrat Party is split between the “free everything for everyone, just don’t ask us how to pay for it” Democratic Socialists and the traditional “less people working, for less money, paying more taxes” Crumbs Pelosi wing. For the approaching midterms the Democrats can’t seriously expect to win campaigning against the tax cuts, the deregulation, the overall economic optimism, the bonuses, the hourly increases for millions of workers. ‘Please vote for us and let us raise your taxes and take back your crumbs‘ is not going to be an easy sell., especially in states which see manufacturing jobs increase within their borders.

Somewhat of a dilemma for the Democrats but as always there is a solution. “If you can’t beat it, steal it!”.

Written on their website on August 1st 2016 under the Title ‘The Economy Has Slowed Down’ the New York Times reported “For three quarters in a row, the growth rate of the economy has hovered around a mere 1 percent. In the last quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016, the economy expanded at feeble annual rates of 0.9 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively. The initial reading for the second quarter of this year, released on Friday, was a disappointing 1.2 percent.” followed on January 27, 2017, after the government reported that GDP growth for all 2016 was a mere 1.6% — the weakest in five years — the Times announced that “President Trump’s target for economic growth just got a little more distant.

It seems the New York Times has forgotten these words and recently Patricia Cohen informs us that “An Economic Upturn Begun Under Obama Is Now Trump’s To Tout” and while it is not claimed here that Cohen is doing a hit job on President Trump it is an article that does not tell the full story. Her article does focus heavily on the ability of Obama and Trump to promote their economic policies and even Obama now expresses regret that he did not do more in this respect. This is frankly absurd. What politician does not take every opportunity to tout their achievements, especially on the economy and even more incredulous is the notion that President Trump is more able to do so given that the vast majority of the media are not only unwilling to report anything favourable to him, but are willing to report any story they see as harmful to him regardless of the veracity of the information. President Trump’s ability to tout his economy is in spite of the Lame Duck Media and if it is easier for Trump it is because the economy is surging and much of the country is benefitting from his tax cuts and comprehensive deregulation.

So Obama, ably supported by the Lame Duck media and the Liberal Democrats, now claims this booming, confident US economy is due to the groundwork laid out by his administration which was responsible for over 600 major Regulations as reported by Elizabeth Harrington at the Washington Free Beacon, In government terms this was one major regulation approximately every three days. Hardly the platform on which to build a 4.2GDP, record low unemployment, record stock market levels, over 2 million off food stamps, energy self-sufficiency and so much more.

Sorry Mr. Obama. That you are responsible for this dramatic upturn is the one thing in this booming economy Americans are not buying. We prefer President Trump’s magic wand.


Today’s report that the jurors in the Paul Manafort trial asked Judge Ellis how they might proceed because they could not agree on a single count has the Lame Duck media buzzing and not because it smells the sweet nectar of victory.

Manafort is charged with 18 counts and the wording of the jurors inquiry is open to two interpretations. The first is that there is one count out of the 18 on which they cannot agree and therefore agree on the other 17 and the second interpretation is that they cannot agree on any of the 18 counts.

I might be reading too much into the common usage but if someone says ‘not a single’ if usually means none. If someone says ‘they can’t agree to a single request’, it means they agree to none. If Homer Simpson says ‘I can’t give you a single donut’, it means you are not prizing one donut from Homer’s bag of 18.

If the jury do agree on 17 of the 18 counts but cannot decide the fate of the last donut, I would have expected the spokesperson to say to Judge Ellis, ‘There is one count we cannot agree on’.

Am I just being unfair to Homer Simpson?

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