Nike's failed NFL Quarterback tries to throw a Hail Mary with Old Glory.

John H. Durham

Nike, a company whose contribution to human rights is it's long connection to poor worker conditions in various parts of the world, has the temerity to embrace an anti-American sportsman who berates the country that gives him a life of luxury just for being an NFL quarterback. But not an ordinary NFL quarterback. A lousy NFL quarterback. And let us not forget that Mr. Kaepernick's kneeling protest did not commence until after he was benched in the 4th quarter of a game in Chicago, on his way to compiling an undistinguished starter's record of 0-7. Apparently as a starting Quarterback, Mr. Kaepernick found no more offense off the field than on. Certainly not enough to protest the National Anthem.

Kaepernick's sudden concern that Old Glory has been hijacked by non left leaning groups is as facile as Nike's promise to improve the conditions of the workers who toil about 60 hours a week earning a $1 an hour making Nike's over priced products, not to mention the physical abuse that has been reported. Maybe their brand ambassador would like to visit the sweatshops where Nike products are made and lift the workers spirits by telling them that he makes more in one year from Nike than their entire sweatshop will make in a life time, but they should not feel bad for him as his life of luxury and ease has to be spent in a country he hates. Hopefully this might put a spring in their step as they will never be able to afford a pair of old Air Jordans, let alone new Hair Kaepernicks.

If Nike hold their ambassador's opinion in such high esteem that they would cancel a post production product design, it seems highly improbable that he was not consulted at any stage prior to the release of the Betsy Ross July 4th shoes. This fake sense of injustice is solely, no pun intended, an attempt by Nike to deflect from the constant attacks on the workers conditons. And who better to throw a deflected pass than their brand ambassador, the failed NFL Quarterback. This offenseive play from the Liberal Left playbook is another smokescreen like their first association with Mr. Kaepernick, when they deemed him 'One who sacrificed everything', when in reality he gave up nothing and is profiting handsomely from his less than average NFL career. Mr. Kaepernick's portrayal as pigs, the police officers who lay their bodies on the line and answer the call without consideration of the race, religion or status of those in need, reveals the true level of his dignity and class.

Only seven years ago Betsy Ross's Old Glory was hung at President Obama's second inauguration and not only was no-one offended, it is most likely that very few noticed. It is not the flags that are the issue, merely the presence in the White House of President Trump, who had the audacity to defeat their beloved Hillary Clinton in 2016. Old Glory was not an issue before Trumps inauguration in 2017; Washington Crossing the Delaware has only last month gone from inspirational to traumatizing in a San Francisco school; The border control procedures which under Obama were not even reported are now modern day Nazi concentration camps, but ironically when first reported against Trump, falsely reported with photos from Obama's tenure being used to castigate Trump.

This post production trauma is not organic, but a manufactured deception to stigmatize yet another emblem of American Patriotism and Pride. That an 18th Century flag, created in a struggle against the British Crown, has suddenly become a symbol of hate, whilst the oppressive and sometimes brutal actions of a political party in the second half of the twentieth century have all been forgiven, if not forgotten, is incredulous to say the least. We must also not forget which party was the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK and segregation. The Democratic Party.

No sane person would deny that slavery, anywhere and at any time, was anything other than an abomination. However, the Liberal Left are using their divisive playbook to ensure that different groups 'never be at hearts ease' with each other.

In today's world the Nike logo is more a symbol of human degradation and humiliation than Old Glory ever was. The workers who struggle through life, producing products they can never afford would most likely fail to comprehend the perceived injustices felt by Mr. Kaepernick, a rich sportsman who it may be argued has never had a real job in his life. Playing ball at college and then failing at NFL level whilst getting paid millions of dollars each year is a dream most apparel workers can never hold, let alone achieve. Mr. Kaepernick, if you really care about injustice why don't you become an ambassador for the many struggling in the sweatshops to make your life 'millions' of times easier.

Old Glory is an emblem born in an heroic struggle to create a new nation. Betsy Ross was a Patriot, a twice widowed mother, a business woman and an abolitionist. If she were alive today it is not inconceivable that as a mother working in a trade not dissimilar to the apparel industry, she might be active in fighting against the poor labor conditions in the distant sweatshops where the Nike products are made.


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