Mike Flynn - His Greatest Battle

In 2014 United States Army Lieutenant General Mike Flynn retired after 33 years of service to his country. After a brief tenure as National Security Advisor to Donald Trump during the presidential transitional period, Mike Flynn found himself a target in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.


What was sold to the public as an investigation into possible Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 Presidential Election was from the outset, though few would admit, a Deep State plan to prevent the President-elect from assuming office and if unable to achieve this, then render his administration untenable. Mike Flynn as part of the President-elect's Security team did have contact with Russian officials and this would be expected and not unusual. Neither would it be unusual that Mike Flynn's long service would by necessity result in thousands of contacts that would rise in importance relative to his rank. In a long and distinguished career it is not without probablility that the lines between personal and official relationships might become less clear. What is not clear is why Mike Flynn was targeted. The FBI had no need to press Flynn about his transitional contact with Russians, such as Ambassador Kislyak, as these calls had a covert audience of FBI agents, of which Flynn must have been aware. There were no quid pro quo arrangements, no self enriching deals being struck, thus leaving Meuller dependent on two ways to secure an indictment; either the 1799 Logan Act, a piece of legislation as relevant in the nations capital as one of Mary McGrory's "gentlemanly Georgian's" is common, or the ever reliable process crime........read full editorial


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Promises Made - Promises Kept

Major Tax Reform

Rollback of economy killing Regulations

Historically Low Unemployment

600,000+ Manufacturing jobs created

Neil Gorsuch appointed to SC

ISIS virtually destroyed

De-nuclearization of Korean Peninsula

Reworked Trade agreement with Mexico

Wage increases & bonuses for millions

Improved care for America's Veterans

Repeal of Obamacare Individual Mandate

Energy Self Sufficiency

Impressive Stock Market gains

Brett Kavanaugh appointed to SC

Southern Border Wall Started

Driving Liberal Democrats crazy !!

  • Kevin Shipp - From The Company of Shadows

    Kevin Shipp, a former high ranking CIA Officer takes us deep inside the dark chambers of the CIA and exposes the secret and corrupt Deep State and Shadow Government that controls our elected Government. Shipp digs deep into the Agencies clandestine politics and gives us a ringside seat to events such as Iran-Contra and 9/11.

    Published in 2012 this book's relevance has not diminished and indeed, in light of the ongoing attempts to take down a duly elected President, it's significance has unquestionably increased. The Central Intelligence Agency are at this time a law unto themselves and by writing this book and giving frequent interviews and presentations Kevin Shipp has placed himself in a position that is, putting it mildly, precarious. But thanks to his courage the Deep State and Shadow Government are at least becoming less secret, if not yet less powerful.

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    Peter Schweizer - Secret Empires

    Secret Empires, Peter Schweizer's follow up to Clinton Cash, has caused a stir throughout official Washington with its newly unearthed revelations.

    In a Washington Times review, Fred J Eckert wrote 'The astonishing widespread massive corruption of some of the biggest names in American politics that Peter Schweizer reveals in his new blockbuster expose is shocking, startling, stunning — and sickening.'

    But don't expect the compliant mainstream media to use their freedom of the press rights they so frequently charge President Trump of trampling on to help expose this professional class of betrayers and self-enrichers. We shall have to depend on investigative writers like Peter Schweizer to lay bare the workings of the Secret Empires.

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Who is or are Q? Since October 2017 there have been intelligence 'drops' by a person or persons called Q. These drops are not always clear, but there is an 'army' of Q Anons decoding and researching these drops and many hope this intelligence will lead to the prosecution of the 'Black Hats' who these drops are, though somewhat cryptically, seeking to expose. Q Anons are tracking the unusually high number of political and corporate resignations, sealed indictments and the war against the evils of human trafficking.

Though not yet a mass movement, the number of Q Anons increases and is not restricted to the United States. It remains to be seen how much this phenomenon will be allowed to grow and it appears that some of the Black Hats are becoming very concerned and a pushback is already underway, as evidenced by the sudden and concurrent debunking by the U.S. Mainstream Media and foreign newspapers and T.V. networks.

Want to decode Q? Then off you go.....deep down the rabbit hole.

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