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Democrats 2020 - Give and Take But No Compromise.

An election debate over two nights is somewhat like an extended weekend vacation. It is fun to begin with, but by the time the last night comes around you think it was just one night too many and you wish you were back home. With so many runners in the Democratic 2020 Donkey Derby an extra night was required and this was one time when many wished they weren't home. However, whomever decided who would appear on which nights was smart to parade three of the four front runners on the second night. If Biden, Sanders and Harris had all appeared on the first night with Warren, the audience on the second night might have been embarrassingly low.

Were there any standout moments from this double header? Did anyone force their way to the fore? Or was the only movement over the two nights, Say It Ain't So Joe falling off his perch? The most interesting and out of place candidate award must go to Marianne Williamson, who's credentials as a modern Democrat must be questioned. Although she repeated a tired old 'Trump hates' mantra, she does not seem to possess a contempt for the United States and actually talked about meeting on the field and winning with love. Unlikely that she will have Democratic donors, who only hate, lining up to finance her Summer of Love, but America's farmers might be tempted by her promise of meeting in the fields to share love. It may not be more profitable than President Trump's new USMCA deal might but it is a much better prospect than potato blight.

Beto O'Rourke's flatly delivered Impeachment rhetoric failed to add booster fluid to fire up his campaign's engine and it will do very little to excite the hordes of Liberal Democrats who want to feast on free health, shutting down free speech, debt forgiveness and open borders. He needs to add to his portfolio.

The fake Socialism of Bernie Sanders, who will continue to attract a considerable number of adherents still nursing a 2016 hangover, sounds not so much like a broken record, but a 78rpm; Nostalgic, rather quaint but too much crackle.

Elizabeth Warren might regret and quickly try to do a moonwalk on her threat to abolish private health insurance. To be be the only one of nine to raise their hand and by doing so show their hand being in agreement with Bill De Blasio was her anti-Sparticus moment. 'I am De Blasio' followed not by a chorus of 'I am De Blasio', but by silence. Well, at least she stood out from the rest of the crowd.

The only standout moment from either night was of course the Biden v Harris sparring session. Hardly a 'Thriller in Manila' and this Ol' Joe was definitely not smokin'. Well, not that we are aware of. But does his subsequent 10 point drop in the polls mean he has suffered a standing 10 count? Probably not. If he and his campaign so choose, there will be plenty of opportunities to counterpunch. Maybe he was just overawed by the number of candidates, which might be greater than the number of people at his recent pep-talks. Also, his campaign might consider it a success by the fact that he managed to stay awake throughout and did not cause anyone else to doze off. Well, at least not on stage. On first analysis it appears that Kamala Harris was the points winner of the second night. But was it a Pyrrhic victory? She definitely landed a couple of good jabs on Ol' Joe, but how effective will her little girl bussing sob story play with Biden's supporter's, most who are of his generation, not ready to pass the torch, but might feel slighted and resentful at the inference that they are guilty by association. Also, her tired identity politics allowed her to attack Biden without questioning him on his and his son's business dealings in Ukraine and China, when it is clear he used his position as Vice President for their enrichment.

Who won from the 'debates'? The most common response, even from CNN and MSNBC, is President Trump. What these Candidates offer is plenty of give and take but without compromise. The 'gives?' Free health care to anyone and everyone, illegals included. Free college. Debt-free by paying off ALL student debt, which surely must anger those who have taken years, possibly working multiple jobs, to pay off and honor their debt. The 'takes?'. Your borders. Your guns. Your vehicles under the Green New Deal. Your free speech if you are a Conservative, or even if you are not, but just don't agree with everything they propose. Your money. Yes, taxes will be increased. Biden and Sanders are open about this. And this will quickly lead to your jobs going. The Liberal Democrats now do not want to govern for Americans. They are more interested in governing for illegals. They certainly do not want government by the people, but control of the people.

None of these candidates inspire confidence and it would take a very fertile imagination to see any of them as Commander-In-Chief. Quite the opposite. But most dismaying is the negative spin the leading Democrats put on all things American. None see any virtue or good in their own country and as Commander-In-Chief would be apologists and appeasers.

Marianne Williamson may not feature long in this race, but out of this pitiful offering, her love on the field of battle at least gets my attention if not my vote.

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