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Farage: 'Democracy, It's Quite Simple Really'

European Union Election Poll May 11th

Nigel Farage speaking yesterday at his final European Election campaign rally told a packed London hall, "This is now about far more than leaving the European Union. This is about a bigger, more fundamental question of democracy." To a cheering and wildly enthusiastic crowd he continued, "Mrs May, by her constant, abject surrenders to these unelected bully-boys in Brussels, has humiliated our nation and I've had enough of it."

The newly formed Brexit Party has surged to an impressive lead in both England and Wales leaving the Conservative and Labour Parties floundering in it's wake and his message of betrayal is resonating throughout the country. Mr. Farage is only giving voice to the sense of betrayal felt by millions of British voters and he is absolutely correct in stating what is at stake is not only this election, but the future of British democracy. As voiced on this site on May 7th, The Brexit Party surges to the top of the EU Election polls, this is much more than an effort to subvert the original Brexit democratic vote, but about the vote of the majority being honored. If it is not honored it can be democracy in name only.

Although both Labour and Conservative have played their part in the Brexit shambles, it is the Tories as the party of government that must bear the greater responsibility. The party leadership has shown no strength of character and indeed the sight of Prime Minister May begging her European masters for more time has revulsed much of Britain. Her grovelling for a deal brings to mind another weak leader who crossed the channel and was humiliated only to return with a piece of paper that was to ensure 'peace in our time'. We all know how that worked out. With Mrs May's piece of paper there has certainly been betrayal in our time.

However, as in 1940 all is not lost. A resounding Brexit Party victory in Thursdays European Elections will change the way the game is being played in several ways. Firstly, it 'should' force Parliament to act decisively to resolve a mess of it's own making. Secondly, the Brexit Party will be a major player in future Brexit negotiations and thirdly, if Nigel Farage is correct, by not allowing the Remainers to dictate future negotiations the October 31st deadline might be met thus precluding a second Brexit referendum.

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