Source Date Title
National Review 2019-04-11 Bernie's Bad Health-Care Plan Should Come With a Health Warning
Free Beacon 2019-04-11 Obama DHS Sec. on Immigrant Caravans: ‘This Is a Crisis By Any Measure’
Gateway Pundit 2019-04-11 DOJ Announces Charges Against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange – Single Count of Conspiracy to Commit Computer Intrusion
Breitbart 2019-04-11 California Prosecutors: Michael Avenatti to be Indicted on 36 Counts
The Sun 2019-04-11 Nigel Farage says his new Brexit Party will unleash political revolution and terrify Tories
The Federalist 2019-04-11 The Latest Stats Reveal The Border Crisis Is Getting Worse
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