Source Date Title
Breitbart 2019-04-10 Bill Barr - The FBI did spy on Trump.
Sara A Carter 2019-04-10 Sources: Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Could Face Serious Charges
Con. Treehouse 2019-04-10 Baker Transcript Highlights Additional Evidence Behind Strzok/Page Texts: “Lock In Trump”
Breitbart 2019-04-10 WikiLeaks Publisher Julian Assange Arrested by British Authorities
Breitbart 2019-04-10 William Barr Confirms Breitbart News, Obama Administration ‘Spying’ on Trump Campaign
Breitbart 2019-04-09 100 Days into 2nd Speakership, Nancy Pelosi Loses Control of House Floor, Withdraws Budget Bill Before Vote
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